Friday, September 25, 2009

This makes a difference in my Life

I have decided that each week I will either put a link to you tube or include a quote from one of the leaders in our church. I was brought up in an Mormon family,and those beliefs have filled my life with a fullness that I know can not be sustained in any other way.One of my beliefs, that I hold especially close to my heart is the knowledge that my family will be together forever. Adam and I were married in the Sydney Australia Temple. The ordinances that are preformed there (like marriage) last not only for this life time but through out all eternity. I can remember attending a wedding and it was beautiful.The bride looked perfect and the groom very handsome and the service was really special.I could tell that the couple loved each other very much and it definitely was one of the most special days in both their lives(so far :))I can remember as the celebrant said these words "till death shall part thee" and you know most people in the room would have though nothing of it. However to me is sounded almost cruel..looking at those two so obviously in love, ready to start out their lives together,walk through all the joy and hardships. To eventually hold one of their own babies in their arms. To know that it was only "until death shall part thee" Right then I said a prayer of thankfulness to Heavenly Father, who loved me enough to send his son, to earth to suffer, bleed and die for me. He made repentance possible, so when I make mistakes I am able to repent, and make changes in my life to hopefully not let that same mistake keep happening.I was filled with gratitude to know that there is the opportunity for everyone.One of the biggest blessings I have in my live is to know that we are a Forever Family.

I love this

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Torn

The more I write on here I am well aware the..well lest say stranger I am going to make myself sound. Having said that, so it is out in the open and recognized..

For the past week or so I have been trying to be like an ostrich, along the lines of it I can't (or in this case won't) see it, then it isn't really happening.As in head in the sand. Spencer (my baby who will most likely from now on be referred to as Bitsy, a name he has had since he came home from the hospital)has been showing signs he is ready to be toilet trained****post on hold I need to snuggle Addison*****(Although that may get annoying..I want to include "disturbances" as this is firstly and fore mostly a journal for my children)a normal sane person would probably be pouncing on this opportunity. For me however it makes me heartsad ( if that makes sence?) My head is saying"this is great, lets get it started" but my heart, and what I tend to think with mostly is saying he is just so little, he is my little baby. "I think we should wait a bit longer.." So, anyone that knows me will no what the outcome of this dilemma will be...

Monday, September 21, 2009

How Committed ??

So it is going to take me a little while to get into the swing of writing regularly..Obviously...

The Older three have started back at school today, I always feel a little sad when they have to go back. I really love having them all to myself. Holidays are really my favorite time of the year, summer especially watching all the amazing games they create together usually on the trampoline. It makes me smile as the older ones patiently (sometimes not so) "teach" the younger ones the rules.

We spent these holidays at home.Having little outings every second day or so. We became huge fans of Princess Park,sticky date pudding (thanks Greta)and job charts