Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Graduated to large family status

Well I think the time has come for me to accept going to the corner store to pick up a bag of grated cheese is no longer economical.. I have hit the stage where I need to buy bulk...definately 5 kilo bag of cheese. One of Nelson's friends was over the other day, he was helping make some toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch..all I heard him say at least three times "i didn't know you could buy this much cheese..." a little in awe then Nelson told him to look in the pantry where to Zac's delight he came across a 2 kilo bag of choc chips this part cracked me up He said "your mum really needs to teach my mum where to shop!!!"
It is getting ready for back to school for me so today I started doing some cooking, Spencer,Addison and Lillie always the ready helpers. As soon as they see the mixing bowl out they are up there on the bench ready to help..I think I can actually feel my self getting tense with "so much help" avaliable. After I picked out almost a full egg of shell out of the batter the kids get really excited when eggs are involved. They of course each have to do at least one..hence the shell. Addy said "that tastes really good momma" all but one of our children are batter eaters..a terrible quirk they have picked up from me. Then the fun stuff really starts when we get to roll balls for cookies..Don't worry if I ever make cookies for you...the kids definately are not involved!!! Cute chubby fingers working really hard to make the perfect ball then having the delima of exactally where to put it on the tray..if it makes it that far. After they left and I was rearranging the tray I noticed quite a few half eaten ones there, that is my kids !!!

Liffey Falls

Well here is a place that I fell in love with

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Picture georgeous little Addison..looking so cute shirt and tie, his almost to long hair brushed VERY neatly carrying my scriptures in his little hands he really is enough to melt my heart on a daily basis. We are heading down to "big boy" primary and, so far so good but he baulks on the landing of the stairs I was still walking down and turn aroung to smile encouragingly( is that a word?) when he yells at the top of his lungs ( which is..sadly for me VERY loud) "I LOVE JESUS..." and I smile at him I think to myself cute.. but keep it down a bit.. Then even louder (if that is at all possible??) "I HATE THIS PLACE" I am guessing you can figure out how the rest of the morning went.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Wise Friend

Tonight I was talking to someone that I would consider a wise friend, she made the comment that I don't blog enough and that I really should, as it is a great way to remember the day to day happenings..You know what she is right. So here are this weeks happenings.( Before I black them out because they may be to traumatic to remember!!! It takes a couple of minuets but I can usually laugh a short while after the events..usually!)
Monday night was literally the worst night in our parenting career. Around 11.30 ( I was still up stalking peoples blogs..Adam was asleep in our room) I hear the bathroom door slam shut with all together to much force and noise more importantly for that time of night. I actually think to myself.."does Adam want the children awake now??" The noise continues on, shower door crashing shut then the water turns this point I am curious enough to move from my comfy position to investigate.. There is Bitsy standing in the shower bay "Hiya Momma" I pick him up, change him into dry clothes. I then go into our room(that we share with Bitsy) wake the sleeping Adam and tell him that if he wants me to sort Spencer out...Don't send him roaming around the house in the hope that he will go straight to me. Well I made a mistake (as Adam knows that rarely happens... :)) Adam denied getting him out of the cot and telling him to go and find mummy, then crawling back into the bed to resume uninterrupted sleep. Odd, I thought. So popped him back into the cot, then to our absolute horror over he climbed... We weren't ready for this little turn! We evacuated the room and commenced operation put child back into cot. With out a word of a lie it was 4.40 in the morning when he stopped jumping out and finaly gave into sleep. During the course of the night all sorts of ways to stop him came to our minds and we were actually laughing and enjoying that time together. Adam and I were topping and tailing on our couch for the two hours sleep we got during the night .. I was woken up to Addisons face really close to mine (I forgot to mention that I had a little cut on my face) and he was running his hands through my hair and said to me "momma did a tiger scratch your face?" "I hungry now I need my weetbix"...big pause "PLEEESE???" It made me laugh out loud that the most rational reason for a scratch on my face to my 3 year old was of course that I had been scratched by a tiger! What else would you think right..To make it even funnier to my slightly overtired self..I hear Lillie say "don't be dumb Addy is was probably the cat" We don't have a cat!

I love my life