Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Our Latest Adventure

As a family we love to jump in the car and go for long drives. Sometimes we will let the kids choose where we are going, as in they will take it in turns choosing straight, left or right at intersections... This trip was planned though, we went to Tarraleigha. For us the most important part is the music..if we have good music we can deal with any thing else. Lucky for me the kids all love The Killers, Greenday and classic Live selected Beatles classics ..Sadly for me the boys don't like Taylor Swift, (Lillie and I only got to sing to her songs a couple of times)Tim Mcgraw ...who dosen't love "I need you??" We are still working out the happy medium

Anyway it was a beautiful day..(Speaking of Beautiful days..for me today was perfect I got to spent time with my little Addison doing one of my absolute favourite things laying down this time on the trampoline looking at shapes in the clouds..He snuggled up to me and we found dragons,planes and dinosaurs. I felt like I defrosted for the first time since winter) Here are the photos