Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been really inspired by some of the blogs that I have read recently... I am from now on going to make a concerted effort to "do this!"
I thought since this is my first day re committing to being a blogger I might tell you a little about my family.
First there is my husband Adam. He really is my best friend,one of the things that I love about him the most is that he knows me so well and still loves me! I some times (Adam if you are reading this..note the word SOMETIMES) feel sorry for him. He tries really hard to clean with me after the kids are in bed for the night. He will take the T.V room for example, sing out "Maisy it is done..." In my O.C.D mind it is no where near done...curtains aren't pulled across evenly...the toy baskets aren't sitting in the right spot on the rug..Heck as I am typing this I am thinking to myself "YOU SOUND CRAZY!!" Mabe this blogging thing really is a good idea. It really gives you the chance to reflect on yourself huh? He works really hard, not just at work but at home,he is the sort of Dad I always wanted for my children..They have it all with him, secret bedtime stories, handshakes and their own jokes. Sometimes they don't even have to say anything to each other but the three of them will all start laughing. I really love that their relationship is so close.
NELSON is our eldest child. How to describe him...I get really choked up writing emotional things about my children. Firstly Nelson is dependable, I know I can trust him to do something I have asked him to to. Thoughtful...he would never willingly want to upset someone. I love that he is growing up, when the boys were younger. I wanted time to stand still, for them to always be little and here with me, to keep them safe and know what they are doing. However as they have grown, I just feel immense pride in the job we have done so far..He isn't perfect yet..but I can see the potential.
ETHAN..Where to start, he is the child that from his early days has kept me running to keep up with him, physically and mentally. Never has Ethan taken no as the final answer, there always has to be a loop hole..some way we can strike a deal. Although a little annoying, I also love it, there isn't much that will keep him from trying. I love that he takes his punishments with out a fuss. He knows he has done something wrong...he will wear not being allowed to use the ps3, not even asking until his ban is up. When it gets near the end of a two week ban, there appears the negotiation again. I love it!
LILLIE..I am sure is going to change the world in a way. For such a little person, she has so much passion. There is no in between for Lillie it is awake and full on. Worrying about the aminals and why would people want to eat an animal? don't they know they are beautiful? I love the way when she is really concentrating she curls her hair with a finger or occasionally her tongue will creep out the side of her mouth. She lives to help, there is nothing she wouldn't do for you. Lillie is the "defender of the un defended!" If there is a cause or a person that she feels needs attention she will make it stand out.
ADDISON..Has the most beautiful eyes, that almost every time he looks at me my heart melts. (Even when he has tipped a 5kilo tub of icing sugar over Spencer's head) I am really enjoying his age. Everything is very emotional for Addison (seems to be a theme in our children!) he either loves it or hates it. And we definitely know about it! This morning he had me walking all over Eastlands looking for "amal crackers" still didn't find them, we came home with several different boxes of cookies but he is still asking for them
SPENCER..My baby boy what can I say about him, he is another one whose eyes just melt me. When he snuggles into my neck I feel really at peace! he is our perfect little boy..I am sure this blog will become full of stories of adventures of Addy and Spencer
I hope this first new enthusiastic version of my blog hasn't ranted on for to long..I will get better with time I promise!

Love Mary-Anne