Friday, December 4, 2009

Sacrament Meeting

For the past two weeks, we have had children down with one thing or another. The first week, I took Ethan to the movies and he ate almost his entire body weight in popcorn, starbursts and fizzy drink in the space of 40 minuets and then spent the next hour and a bit telling me he was "going to hurl" (direct quote) and it wasn't the food he had eaten there He told me it was the nectarine I had made him eat before we left. Around midnight I got the call from the bathroom from him "mum you gotta come and see this" Thanks E really charming..So all cleaned up back in bed sleeping. However it was Sunday and although I knew he didn't have anything contagious I didn't want him going to church (or any of the others for that matter) telling people he was throwing up the night before.. So for the first time in 11 years I found myself in sacrament meeting sitting on my lonesome. It was the strangest feeling to not be on the verge of an anxiety attack for the hour and a bit that Sacrament goes for. But the really silly thing was...I sat there and missed my little family. I did totally enjoy watching other families sort out their little "reverant issues"

I guess that them being away and me having the chance to be there by myself, really made me thankful for the fact that I have a family that I absolutley adore. Some times I will be sitting in sacrament meeting Adam and I will look at each other and silently decide who is going to take Addison and Spencer out, in my head I might be thinking "why do I bother??" Then I will make the effort to look over at my big boys..and the answer is there...That is why I bother, it really dosen't seem that long ago I was hauling them out to sit in the mothers room. In my heart I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through consistancy my children have learnt(are learning) what is important to us. I love this photo because it almost sums up how sacrament meeting goes for us!