Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Television Time

I love hanging out with my children, sitting on the couch snuggled under a blanket...It is THE BEST! It is a time where I get to laugh with them,and just get to be with them without any demands on any of us! What I also love is I can catch sneaky looks at them without them knowing that I am watching them. I try to remember every single expression they have at every age so I can store it up. I love Addison's face of sheer awe as he watches Deadly Sixty ( ABC 6.30) he looks slightly terrified and bites down on his little lip as the guy is showing us some awful looking creature and telling us how poisonous they are. Ethan loves his documentary, so intense and thoughtful. Soaking all the information up, when he is really concentrating that right eyebrow of his crunkles up. Lillie is passionate about orangutangs, that is what you see when she is absorbed in Orangutang Island passion, and often a little tear will gleam in her eye as she hears the sad stories of orphaned babies. I know she is going to do amazing things! Nelson...I love hearing his laugh,his choice is usually comedies. That crooked little smile of his has always made me choke up! Even more now as he gets bigger. My baby Spencer loves Scooby Doo and it is so real to him. When he watches I can literally see his mind filling up with adventures that he is going to act out with Addy as soon as he get< home. As I look at them all I am filled with gratitude to know that we are a forever family..I am filled with such a feeling of overwhelming happiness as I remember Adam and I going to the Temple to be not only married but joined together for time and all eternity. I thought I loved him then as much as was possible to love another person however, over the years as I watch him with our children, it is more than love...he is apart of me. The children are part of us we are a Forever Family!


Chelsea Parsons said...

you are a beautiful Mum xxx