Monday, August 9, 2010

We Share in our Family

On Saturday night Addison was getting ready for bed and ran off to brush his teeth..something he dosen't usually do with out a bit of guidance.. He came into the living room tooth brush in mouth showing us he was doing it. The next thing I hear is Adam saying that is my toothbrush Addy.. go use your own..his response was "Daddy, we share in our family." After a little more discussion with him we found out that our toothbrushes had all been used by him..for a variety of things.. I now feel a certain amount of anxiety when I go to brush my teeth. Along with the tooth brush theme..I was doing some iorning during the day ( I do this so I feel justified in watching a TV show during the day, it is really amazing what you can find to iorn in a desperate bid to watch ..just one more episode!)Adam came home for lunch, which is rare and after being dazzled by his wife lovelingly iorning all his shirts for the next 2 weeks. He carried in Spencer asleep in his arms, with a huge stripe of toothpaste through his hair and down his face. When we asked Addy why he would do something like that his response was along the lines of " he wanted me to.. we thought it would be funny" "But Addy, he was sound asleep on the couch...." "I know that Daddy, I know what he is thinking and he really wanted me to."


Fiona said...

hee hee!! Never a dull moment at your house!
Thanks for lunch last week it was great... and thank you for the birthday wishes.

Sophie Allen said...

Not the dreaded shared toothbrush! I am always suspicious, so I just hide my toothbrush.