Monday, October 13, 2008

My Nan Turns 80

It was the perfect surprise party..Nan had absolutely no idea that anything was going on. She walked into a total ambush of everyone that loves her! It is rumored that when she got into the room and saw everyone the words "bloody shit" escaped her mouth, which totally cracks me up nan really doesn't ever swear! There are definitely some instance where you are excused. Walking into your house filled with people there for a surprise party in honor of you is up there!

Mum Aunty Becky Aunty Sue and Aunty Christine did a fantastic job there was food everywhere! My boys were in heaven Ethan is a huge fan of the big Lamingtons..I think they were an Aunty Becky special

Half way through the party Adam and I took the kids over to the park for a play, very thirsty work. I brought Addison back because he needed a drink. While I was finding him a cup he took matters into his own hands and found a bottle of solo and was standing next to the table skulling it out of the bottle.

On the way home I noticed that the boys didn't stop eating, they had too taken matters into their own hands and grabbed "a few" lamingtons. I was cleaning out Nelsons lunch box tonight and saw his was still in his box...most unusual I thought I asked him about it and he said "i am a little over them for the day mum"

All in all a great party!!